Figuring out how to make healthy food kids will love does not have to be as much trouble as many people seems to think it is ñ especially if you are able to teach your children early on that eating healthy is the key to long term survival. Sure, there may come a time when your kids will certainly want to eat a sweet candy bar, slice of cake, or a doughnut over some fruits or vegetables, but as long as you are able to convince your children that healthy foods are what they should be eating, then they will be able to grow up strong and healthy in the long run.

The key to getting your children to love foods that are good for them is to make healthy foods fun. Remember that even if a kid is not particularly fond of a certain kind of food, if that food is fun to eat ñ they will eat it. So you should scrap the idea of making your children eat their vegetables plain and spice them up with something that you know they will like. Instead of serving your children yams or sweet potatoes for example, try candying them with some pineapple and marshmallows instead to add a little sweetness to the dish so your kids will love it.

This technique of adding extra ingredients to the fruits and vegetables that your children should be eating is the best way to get your kids to like foods that are good for them. If they are having a hard time eating apples, consider using a little bit of peanut butter or caramel to get them to eat it. If your children do not like bananas that much, you can always serve them a banana with a bit of chocolate or ice cream as a sort of small banana split. In no time you will have healthy food kids will love ñ and as they grow up they will be happy to eat the healthy foods on their own.